The 12-MAN BEER BONG, which was created by Jeff Barton of Milwaukee, WI, USA, is the
only “carted” beer bong of its kind, making it the ultimate mobile beer dispensing machine.

The beer bong itself is fueled by up to two half barrels of beer which fit within its cart,
weighs an astonishing 600 pounds fully loaded, stands over 8.5 feet tall, has a dual tap-
handle jockey-box mounted on it for serving two different kinds of tap beer, and can have
its top reservoir filled with over 5 gallons of beer.  

The 12 man beer bong has four main arm sections that each split off into 3 tubes for
drinking.  Valves located just below the top reservoir can close off each of the four arm
sections, thus allowing the beer bong to serve as a 12-man, 9-man, 6-man, or even a 3-
man beer bong with the simple closing of a valve.  

Each individual drinking tube has a ball valve at the end of it which allows the drinker to
proportionally control the amount of flow they are receiving and shut-off the flow if they’ve
had enough.

The 12 man beer bong’s top reservoir self fills from its barrels in about 20-30 seconds with
a simple flip of a valve and provides on average about 24 ounces of beer to the drinker in
a matter of seconds.  A five pound CO2 tank pressurizes the entire system so there’s no
need for “pumping” the kegs.

Another fun feature of the 12 man beer bong is its beer “bubbler” or drinking fountain


In spring of 2003, the "6-Man" beer bong was created for a trip down to Panama City
Beach, FL.  This beer bong held just over a 12 pack of beer, and helped us out
tremendously in passing the time.
In spring of 2005, the 6-Man beer bong was taken to Miller Park for a Milwaukee Brewer's Home Opener tailgate
party.  The 6-man beer bong (now with tripod stand) was a huge success, and even ended up on the 5 o'clock
news that night after an interview with Kevin Hunt of Channel 4.
In spring of 2006, after 10 months of planning and building, the 12-MAN beer bong made its debut at Miller Park
for Brewer's Opening Day!  Due to poor weather conditions that day, the beer bong went fairly unnoticed as loyal
beer bongers partied out in the cold.

We took the 12-MAN BEER BONG back to Miller Park for Opening Day 2007, and this time were blessed with nice
weather.  A photographer from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, named Kristyna Wentz-Graff, took the below
picture of the 12-MAN.  The following day, that picture was on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
sports section, and was posted on many popular sports blog websites across nation.  Radio interviews and interest
from a SpikeTV producer followed.  Although the 12-MAN has yet to make its television debut, we have a feeling
that will be in its future sometime soon.  
Side Note:
People often ask why the 12-MAN BEER BONG name is "sexist" and not labeled the 12 "person" beer bong since about half of its participants are female.  
The truth of the matter is that the 12-MAN has gone through several names that just haven't stuck, and it always ends up being referred to as "the 12-MAN
beer bong" anyway.  So that's the name it's going to keep, at least until it gets a few more hoses added!  Besides, in this world of undying political
correctness, feelings, and super gender sensitivity, can't us guys at least have one stupid pointless drinking invention to brand with our MAN label?  :)  
So, as we continue our time honored tradition of tailgating amongst friends, we remind people to be
smart by making sure they have a designated driver for after the event, and remind them to be
responsible while drinking by knowing when to say enough.  In other words, don't be the dumb ass
that ruins it for everybody else!  

- Have Fun, and Be Safe! - 12 MAN BEER BONG
Jeff Barton
Prof. Bong Engineer
Picture By Kristyna Wentz-Graff
Disclaimer:  Don't bong beer or any other alcohol!  Doing so may lead to serious buzzing!
Thanks for the pics, T-Dog!
(some faces have been blurred of top government witnesses who were clearly jeopardizing their witness protection status this day, LOL)